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سوییچ HP 1920-24G

HPE OfficeConnect 1920 24G Switch(JG924A)

همه دوستان با مفهوم سوئیچ آشنا هستند و می دانند که به دو managed و unmanaged تقسیم می شوند سوئیچ های Managed علاوه بر وظایف پایه یک سوئیچ یکسری اعمال را برای ما انجام میدهند مانند پورت سکیوریتی یاVLAN بندی و غیره … در شرکت سیسکو دسته بندی برای سوئیچ ها قائل شده اند و سوئیچ های که اعمال Layer 2را انجام می دهند را سویئچ Layer 2 می خوانند و همچنین برای سوئیچ های که اعمال Layer 3 را انجام می دهند را سویئچ Layer 3 می خوانند و شما برای داشتن امکانات بیشتر باید هزینه بسیار زیادی نمایید.

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The HPE 1920 Switch Series, part of the HPE OfficeConnect portfolio, is designed for smaller organizations dealing with bandwidth-demanding applications. The switches are ideal for environments that require advanced features for granular control and where smart-managed flexibility is a must for easy network configuration and management.

سوییچ اچ پی نمایندگی سوییچ اچ پی

The switches deliver advanced smart-managed fixed configuration Gigabit switches that build on the marketing-leading price/performance of the HPE 1910 Switch Series. They feature a new 48-port PoE+ model, IPv6 support and advanced silicon technology.

سوییچ اچ پی


Simplifies Network Deployment and Management for Small Organizations

The HPE 1920 Switch Series, ideal for small organizations features easy-to-use, out of the box, plug-and-play deployment.
The series offers a complete portfolio of choices for increased flexibility. It consists of nine rack-mountable models with internal power supplies including four non-Power over Ethernet (PoE) models: 8G-, 16G-, 24G- and 48G- port; five PoE+ models: (2) 8G-, (2) 24G- and 48G-port.

HPE OfficeConnect 1910 24 Switch (JG538A)

HPE OfficeConnect 1910 24 Switch

These smart-managed switches use an intuitive Web management interface, based on our industry-leading HPE 1910 Switch Series, to simplify deployment and management while offering you greater granularity of control of key features.

Keeps Your Business up and Running and Protected

The HPE 1920 Switch Series with upgraded models and options is built on the market-leading, proven reliability of the HPE 1910 Switch Series with advanced silicon technology for lower power consumption and an enhanced feature set for more robust operation.Untitled4
Enhanced security features such as Access Control List, IEEE 802.1x and VLANs guard your network from unwanted or unauthorized access.

HP 2620-24 Switch

HP 2620-24 Switch

Management security restricts access to critical configuration commands, offers multiple privilege levels with password protection and supports secure http (https).
The switch series is covered by the Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Delivers Improved Performance, While Lowering the Total Cost of Ownership

The HPE 1920 Switch Series delivers advanced functionality in smart-managed switches, including Layer 3 static routes, SFP ports, IPv6 support, rate limiting, link aggregation and IGMP.
Smaller enclosures facilitate flexible deployment.Untitled54
The switch series includes PoE+ options to power IP devices without the cost of additional cabling.
Advanced silicon technology, green features like Port shutdown and EEE compliance for greater energy-efficiency and the Limited Lifetime Warranty significantly reduce TCO.

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ما در سرور اچ پی بهترین کیفیت و بهترین کالا را تقدیم شما میکنیم این نمایندگی که داری پارت نر های مهم و معتبر ی در حوزه سرور های اچ پی میباشد بهترین لینک و فروش سرور را برای مشتریان خود به ارمغان اورده است.

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